Watercolor Tulips Card

This is a quick free-form painting on a watercolor postcard paper. I used watercolor paints for tulips and white gouache paint for some highlights (yeah, I kind of cheated it's not pure watercolor, but I really wanted to experiment). I wanted to do a quick & easy, fun painting without putting too much thought into the drawing. Hope you'll enjoy!

Thank you for watching!


Strathmore Watercolor Cards (comes in the set of 10)
Winsor & Newton Watercolor set
Natural Fiber Round Watercolor Brushes - size 10, 5, 2, 1.
Savoir Faire White Gouache
Cup/Can with Water
Paper towel for blotting
Masking Tape

Note: To protect the inside of the card from watercolor smudges, add masking tape on the inside part of the card.

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