Watercolor Thank You Card | Speed Painting

Hi There! In this video, I'm painting a quick watercolor Thank You card. It was super easy to paint the card. I think anyone can do it! I painted the card in 25 minutes (which includes drying and setting up everything), here I speed it up to 20x.

What kind of painting technique did I use?

I used wet-on-dry technique for the flowers and grass and wet-on-wet for the sky.

For the flowers, I used used two colors blue and purple. For the grass, I used four variations of green. I started painting with the big brush wet-on-dry. Both the flowers and the grass were painted from the bottom up. When painting, I prefer not to use the paints straight from the palette, in this case, I mixed in two different blues together. The purple was created by adding red to the existing blue mixture. For the four variation of green, I mixed in yellow to green to get a light green, mixed in two greens together to get the medium green, and added tiny bit of blue to green to get the dark green. For the yellowish green, I used ochre mixed with a little of bit of green. I used a smaller brush brushing up to create the grass effect, again wet-on-dry technique.

I decided to add the sky (which in my opinion is totally optional). I used a big brush filled up with a little bit of blue color and plenty of water. After that I added a little bit of yellow and blue to the sky with wet-on-wet technique.

Once everything was dry, I used a stamp dipped in gold acrylic paint to add the "Thank you" words. Since it came out very light, I decided to add a little bit of of blue to highlight the words.

Voila! And the card is done!

Let me know in the comments below if you tried to paint the card and how it came out! Also, If you would like to see more detailed watercolor techniques and paintings of flowers, let me know as well.

This post is inspired by Pinterest, see the original inspiration here: http://bit.ly/1R0KY44

Strathmore Watercolor Cards (comes in the set of 10)
Winsor & Newton Watercolor set
Natural Fiber Round Watercolor Brushes - size 10, 5, 2, 1.
Hobby Lobby Thank You Stamp
Gold Acrylic Paint
Cup with Water
Paper towel for blotting
Masking Tape

Note: To protect the inside of the card from watercolor smudges, add masking tape on the inside part of the card.

Thank you!

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