DIY Bohemian Jewelry | Wood Earrings & Wire Triangle Necklace Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a DIY Bohemian jewelry from wood beads and gold-plated wire. We'll be making gold wood earrings and a triangle wire necklace with wood and gold beads.

For both projects, you will need jewelry tools  (looping pliers or round nose pliers, chain nose pliers and wire cutters).

Gold Wood Bohemian Earrings

3 types if wood beads (2 big beads, 2 medium and 2 small wood beads)
4 gold-plated wire headpins (Buy on Amazon or Michaels sells them in smaller quantities)
Gold acrylic paint with a paintbrush (for gold paint I used Sargent Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint in Antique Gold)

1. Paint two coats over the two big beads with antique gold acrylic paint.
2. Thread the headpins through the two medium brown beads and create a simple loop on both sides of the headpins with the looping pliers (make sure to cut any excess tails off with the wire cutters). This will be the top segment of the earrings.
4. Once the golden beads had dried, take two headpins and add small beads on to each headpin, then add big golden beads on to each headpin. Create a simple loop with the looping pliers above each golden bead and cut any excess wire off with the wire cutters.
5. Attach all the pieces together with the chain nose pliers and attach the earring hooks to finish the earrings.

Gold Wire Triangle Necklace

14 wood and 1 gold beads (all small beads)
4 headpins or wire, cut to identical pieces
1 chain
2 jump rings

1. Create three identical wire pieces either by cutting the wire or taking three headpins and clipping off the heads.
2. Take one of the wire pieces and create a closing loop on each side of the wire. Make sure your loops are facing the same direction. Fix and straighten the loops if necessary.
3. On the second wire piece, create a loop on one side then,  draw 6 small wood beads onto the wire. And then create a closing loop.
4. Do the same thing to the third wire piece.
5. Attach all the pieces together. Use the chain nose pliers to open each loop. Try to attach the loops away from each other that way they will not slip out when you're wearing the necklace and close all the loops up with the pliers. Double check and make sure all of your loops are closed well and securely.
6. Attach two rings to each ends of the top part of the triangle. That is where the chain will be threaded.
8. Thread the chain through the rings.
9. To create a dangling beaded decoration at the end of the triangle, take a headpin, add a wood bead, then add a gold bead and add another wood bead.
10. Then create a wrapped wire loop at the top of the stacked beads. To create a wrapped wire loop, take your looping pliers and grab the wire right above the stacked bead. With your hands, bend the wire as if you're creating a closed loop while keeping the tail at the right angle, and then bend the tail under and around the stem, wrap around a second time. Take the chain nose pliers and bend the any leftover tail inwards so it's not sharp and not poky.
11. Attach the piece to the rest of the necklace, undo the closed loops at the bottom of the triangle.
12. Hook the piece to both of the loops and then close them with the chain nose pliers. And voila, the necklace is done!

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