Watercolor Poppies Demo | Speed Painting

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to paint poppy flowers with watercolor. It took me about an hour to paint the picture, here I speed it up 6x.
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Watercolor Paper: I'm using Canson XL Pads 11 x 15 inches
Watercolor Paints: any will do, I'm using St. Petersburg Nevskaya Palitra
Blushes: big, medium, small and extra small for details
Masking tape
Drawing Board


The purpose of this study is to practice painting shapes not lines. Combining abstract shapes makes the artwork interesting. It gives it a painterly feel as opposed to illustration. Prep your paper by taping it with masking tape to the drawing board. The taping will reduce warping of the paper when painting.

1. Pick a photo reference for your painting. I'm using this one: http://bit.ly/2njjK1I
2. Lightly mark with a pencil where you want the flowers painted.
3. Pick and premix your red colors. I'm using three colors: a primary red, lighter red, and darker red. The lighter red has yellow, and the darker red has a tint of purple.
4. Use a wet-on-wet watercolor technique. Paint your primary red color and lighter red on the flower edges. Add your darker red where the flowers fold and create depth. In other words, paint darker shade where the color recedes.
5. Take your paper towel and wipe in the center of the flowers, there we'll paint the flower pistils.
6. While the flowers are drying, add the poppies' green stems and buds. Again, I use three colors: primary green, lighter green (which has yellow) and dark green (which has blue). Add yellow-green where the stems reflect light. Add dark-green where the stems are in shadow.
7. For the flower centers, paint yellow color and a darker yellow-beige for the shadow area.
8. Take a tiny brush and paint the flower stamens. Instead of black, I premix blue with green and use that color.
9. Add any other details you feel fit to the painting.

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